DMIA Elects Ronnie VanderLinden as New President, Installs New Board

The members of the Diamond Manufacturers & Importers Association of America (DMIA) installed a new board and appointed new directors during the DMIA’s General Membership meeting on March 5th.  Ronald (Ronnie) VanderLinden was elected president, stepping into the shoes or Ronald (Ronny) Friedman who served as DMIA president for the past nine years.

 Friedman thanked the DMIA members for the support and trust he received during his nine year term. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed serving as DMIA president,” he said “However, it is time to pass on the baton and I am certain Ronnie VanderLinden will do a great job.”

 Newly elected president Ronnie VanderLinden said it had been a privilege to work side by side with Ronny Friedman during the past years. “It is my intention to serve the DMIA members the best I can and generate as much as possible added value for the mbership at large.”

 Addressing Ronny Friedman he said:  “Be assured we will be calling up on you, also now you that you’re immediate past president. We’re not letting you slip away that easily. We’ll be needing your input and contribution,” VanderLinden said.

 Following is the make-up of the new executive board and board of directors:

 Executive Board:


President                           Ronald VanderLinden

Vice President                     Sheldon Kwiat

Vice President                     Fred Knobloch

Vice President                     Hertz Hasenfeld

Vice President                     Saul Goldberg

Vice President                     Eli Haas

Secretary                            Stuart Samuels

Treasurer                            Parag Shah

 Board of Directors

Steve Eisen                        Marvin Finker

Ishaia Gol                          Suzette Gomes

Manny Gordon                    Jay Greenberg

Stan Grosssbard                  Tom Heyman

Daniel Kaleko                     Moishe Klein

Daniel Klugman                  Melissa Kulhanhian

Alan Rehs                          Charles Rosario

Matthew Schamroth              Michael Verstandig


Ben Kinaler – General Counsel

Rikc Cohen – Director of Communications