February Is Heart Health Month

Corte Madera, CA: Dr. Don Harte, noted straight chiropractor in Marin County, California, is declaring February to be “Heart Health Month.”

Dr. Harte reminds us that heart disease remains the #1 killer in the U.S. He says: “Despite Medicine’s massive efforts at so-called prevention, there have been no real results. It seems that almost everyone over 50 is on one or more blood pressure medications, a statin drug (for lowering cholesterol) and many on blood thinners. With the widespread usage of all of this “prevention,” one would expect heart attacks, strokes, heart disease and circulatory diseases to be almost nonexistent. But they are not. What are people getting for following all the medical rules? More poor health”

Dr Harte goes on: “Not only are these drugs ineffective, they are dangerous. They lead to other conditions. Excessive lowering of blood pressure can lead to low energy, diminished mental capacity and loss of balance, leading to serious injuries in older people. Blood thinners, often given to “prevent strokes,” can cause the more quickly fatal bleeding kind of strokes, as well as serious, sometimes fatal hemorrhages from the stomach or kidneys. The statin drugs often cause serious damage to the muscles, liver and kidneys. Because statins interfere with carbohydrate metabolism, they can contribute to diabetes. Then diabetes, and the medical treatment of diabetes, contributes to heart disease. Sometimes statins create a dangerous, often fatal condition called rhabdomyolysis, in which muscle protein breaks down into the blood stream, destroying the kidneys. Overall, this is not prevention. Health care? This is destruction of health.”

The heart and the circulatory system, like every other system, is controlled and coordinated by the brain and the nervous system. This is basic biology. If there is interference to that control from old spinal injuries, the heart will receive aberrant signals leading to aberrant function, leading to disease.

Dr. Harte points out that Medicine seeks to diagnose and treat heart disease, while Chiropractic does not diagnose or treat heart disease or anything else. The chiropractor corrects interference to the nervous system, thus allowing the body to heal itself. Do chiropractors cure heart disease? Absolutely not. But the body, with less interference, will function better, including the heart. Over the last 30 years, many people who have come to Dr. Harte have been able to throw away their heart and blood pressure meds.