From Welfare To Monsters

A leading UK welfare expert has today published his first children’s story, swapping the complex world of welfare for monsters such as Zommers, Spideys, Dracs and Slimeys! 

Lee Healey, managing director of IncomeMAX, a UK-based website that helps people with their entitlements and a regular welfare commentator on British BBC TV and Radio was inspired to write ‘Maddie and the Monsters’ after reading to his daughter Maddison’s pre-school class.

Maddie and the Monsters is Lee’s first children’s story and has been released as an iPhone/iPad app, available on iTunes. Featuring brightly coloured characters illustrated by Yorkshire-based artist Gary Swift and voices spoken by actor Steve Hope Wynne and his daughter Sammy Joy Bonetti (granddaughter of famous Chelsea goalkeeper Peter Bonetti) Maddie and the Monsters is a fun bedtime adventure in which little readers are encouraged to scare away silly monsters with a BIG LOUD BOO!

The story has already gained rave reviews on the Maddie Monsters facebook and twitter pages and looks set to be a hit worldwide on the iTunes app store.

Maddie and the Monsters is also helping a good cause with Lee donating £0.05 to the charity Book Aid International for each app purchased.

Lee said “it’s been such fun writing the story and seeing it all come together as an actual published app is a dream come true. It’s certainly a change from my usual benefits and tax credits work!”

On being inspired by little Maddison’s classmates, Lee says “it was an amazing experience reading to over thirty pre-school children. They knew all of the words of the story I was reading to them and joined in with me as I went along. I came home that afternoon and wrote Maddie and the Monsters.”

Lee is passionate about parents and children reading together and Maddie and the Monsters is designed with this in mind.

Maddie and the Monsters is available to buy on iTunes, priced £0.69 with £0.05 being donated to Book Aid International.