Games Of Passion In Mykonos

As the plot gradually escalates to a dramatic climax, the reader might also enjoy the captivating human stories, the unlikely friendships and alliances, as well as a philosophical approach concerning how to live and how to die, while having a glimpse at Mykonos’ globally famous hedonistic lifestyle in the late seventies.

Finally, the witty and lively writing style of Zahos Hadjifotiou makes difficult for the reader to put this book down.


About the Author

Zahos Hadjifotiou was born in Athens in the picturesque district of Plaka. He lived, as he himself often says, in a town resembling a theatrical setting. Zahos Hadjifotiou is a Greek best-selling author who met success from his first book. He has written dozens of books, many of them translated into foreign languages. All his books are best sellers. The Middle East Affairs recounts Zahos’ adventures in legendary events of WWII (siege of Tobruk, battles of El Alamein and Rimini), with all its tragedy and specific details, exactly as they were experienced by the writer. All stories are true and based on the author’s experiences, not based on descriptions as are used by many war historian authors. At the same time, it is a vivid depiction of the cosmopolitan and aristocratic urban environments of Alexandria, Cairo, and Beirut during those turbulent years when death was highly probable and people tried to enjoy life to the fullest. Zahos Hadjifotiou is a remarkable and fearless individual who lived life to the fullest, fighting in battles as fiercely as he loved, partied, and enjoyed life.

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The Book

Title: Games of Passion in Mykonos

Author: © Zahos Hadjifotiou

Language: English

Pages: 150

Cover image: © Konradbak |

Category: Fiction

Publisher: Stergiou Limited

Publication date: 22nd of January 2015

Country of publication: United Kingdom

Edition: 2nd

ISBN: 978-1-910370-65-0

Original title of the first edition: Clouds over Mykonos, published by Efstathiadis Group in Greece, 1992 (Paperback ISBN: 960 226 346 6)