Georgia Comedian 30, Fakes Death & Purposely Goes To Jail Facing 8 Years

Comedian Charged With Pulling A Dangerous Prank


Charlie Castillo, aka Joe King the comedian, was arrested and charged with pulling a dangerous prank, where he faces a maximum of 8 years in prison in Augusta, Georgia. Joe King the comedian is charged with unlawful eavesdropping & surveillance after taping his ex-artist “white girl rapper” Molly Lux. He was arrested in Richmond County 12.11.11 by investigator Mark Dobbins. He is said to have been released on bond 4.1.12. Http:// District Attorney Ashley Wright, Judge Carl Brown & public defenders Lee Prescott & Rebecca Dembkoski are all involved in the case.

Along with other pranks, Joe King faked his death last year. Sources state the act may be a prank; however, others state its malicious behavior……which one is it??? In the effort to raise money for legal fees, stay tuned to Augusta, Georgia’s Power 107FM & Foxie 103FM as promotional ads are advertising Joe King the comedian’s Facebook page and the recorded “Free Joe King song”.

Friday april the 13

The truth will unfold on The mystery remains to be seen if Joe King the comedian will deliver on his promise, showing if this is a prank or the actual truth! This will be larger than faking his death! Joe King the comedian currently has comedy nights in Augusta, Georgia ( Free Joe King the comedian!!