Global Technology Licensing Opportunities Platform Unveils New Search Technology

The update brings significant performance improvements to the search engine which allows search of technology licensing opportunities from universities and research organisations around the world.

By utilising full text indexing and advanced query techniques, the vast majority of user searches are now returned in a few seconds, from a database over 33,000 opportunities, making it even easier to find and review licensing opportunities.

The search options have expanded to include exact matching and flexible Boolean search for multiple keywords across the index.

Founder of, Dave Waddell said of the service: “We’ve seen significant growth in our coverage and interest from the community over the past 12 months since the service launched.  The technology we’ve implemented is similar to that used by the big internet search engines, and gives our users even more power to locate and review emerging technology in the global research sector.”

The platform is the only one of its kind to completely automate the process of aggregation and search on technology licensing opportunities.  This provides instant benefit to research centred organisations who have already invested time and effort marketing or listing licensing opportunities on their own web sites.