Goldline International, Inc. Becomes The Exclusive Gold And Precious Metals Company Of The Mark Levin Show

Author of the Bestselling Liberty and Tyranny Endorses Goldline as his Source for Gold

Goldline International, Inc.

American political commentator and bestselling author Mark Levin has selected Goldline International, Inc. as his exclusive gold dealer and will be endorsing Goldline on The Mark Levin Show.

“I am happy to welcome Goldline as an exclusive sponsor of The Mark Levin Show,” said Levin. “In today’s economic climate with stock market volatility, a trillion dollar deficit, and the government flooding our economy with paper dollars, I think everyone should consider owning tangible assets like gold. My choice for buying gold is Goldline.”

Bestselling Author of Liberty and Tyranny
Mark Levin is a nationally syndicated talk radio host and president of Landmark Legal Foundation. He has also worked as an attorney in the private sector and as a top adviser and administrator to several members of President Reagan’s cabinet. A renowned author, Mr. Levin’s newest book, Liberty and Tyranny, is number one on the New York Times’ list of hardcover nonfiction and is considered a new manifesto for the conservative movement.

“Goldline is honored to have Mark Levin select our firm as his choice for gold coins and other precious metals,” said Robert Fazio, Executive Vice President of Goldline. “We share his belief that gold provides proper diversification for investors’ portfolios. That’s why Goldline has been helping investors acquire gold and other precious metals for almost fifty years.”
Gold as a Hedge against Inflationary Concerns
A number of analysts believe the U.S. may experience serious inflation resulting from the trillion dollar budget deficit and the trillions more being spent to counter the current recession. As a result, some experts are forecasting that gold may rise to new record levels in the coming years.

Leading Dealer for Precious Metal, Rare Coin & Gold Investment
Goldline is one of the largest companies working with investors and collectors in the gold, coin, and precious metals field with more than 200 employees and annual sales exceeding $300,000,000.

To request an interview with Mark Albarian regarding precious metals, rare coin, or gold investments, please contact Goldline at 310-587-1415.

About Goldline International, Inc.
Goldline International, Inc. has assisted investors and collectors by offering a full range of precious metals products since 1960. The company offers internationally recognized gold coins along with silver and platinum coins and bars as well as rare and collectible numismatic coins and currency. Learn more about Goldline at