Growing Up the Child of Holocaust Survivors – New Book Release

Toronto author, Pearl Goodman has written what the Canadian Jewish News has called a book in which the author “reconciles her handed-down experience as a child of survivors with her experience of growing up in Toronto the good. Or, in her own words: ‘The unison beat of thousands of pairs of jackboots clicking and echoing on pavement so many years before my time, and the little girl that I was, listening to the insipid whining of Jack Benny on TV.’”

Peril: From Jackboots to Jack Benny is an exceptionally original memoir, written with wry humor and a sharp satirical eye. Ms Goodman juxtaposes popular culture with the jarring transitions and contradictions in her and her parents’ lives. Striving to make sense of her emerging identity, she invokes TV shows, ads, movies, and distinctive details of the material and ideological landscape, while interweaving them with her parents’ harrowing wartime experiences of concentration and refugee camps, and the drama and uncertainty of their postwar emigration first to Israel, and then to Canada.

Pearl Goodman was born, raised, and resides in Toronto, Canada. After graduating from the University of Toronto, she taught high school English and Dramatic Arts. Then she chose to train as a psychotherapist and has now been in private practice for the past ten years. Words and the human condition have always been her passions. Peril is her first published work.

Peril: From Jackboots to Jack Benny is published by Bridgeross Communications, ISBN 978-0-9878244-6-2,  300 Pages, $21.95 US, and is distributed by Ingram. It is available worldwide on all Amazon sites, Barnes and Noble, in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and via e-book from Amazon Kindle and in a Kobo version available in the more than 190 countries served by Kobo (search under Pearl Goodman).

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