John Bolton And Top National Security Team Endorses Timmerman For Congress

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, and a panel of 12 top national security officials have announced their endorsement of Ken Timmerman in his race to win the new 8th Congressional district in Maryland.

In their letter of endorsement, Ambassador Bolton and his colleagues noted, “District 8 needs a strong voice in the U.S. Congress to help us get our fiscal house back in order so our government can go back to its basic responsibilities of defending our nation.”

They added: “ We have known Ken Timmerman over the years as a courageous advocate of the truth and defender of our freedoms. In 2006, he was co-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize with one of the undersigned for his work in exposing Iran’s nuclear weapons program before it became of fashion. More recently, he has been a tireless advocate of persecuted Christians in Muslim lands and of the pro-freedom movement in Iran, because Ken understands that free people do not commit genocide, as the Iran’s ruling mullahs continue to threaten.

“In his public life and in private, Ken Timmerman has demonstrated the courage and good judgment that one expects to find in a United States Congressman.”

 Timmerman has blasted his Democratic opponent, incumbent Rep. Chris Van Hollen, for helping to bring America closer to war through his failed policies and questionable alliances.

“My opponent in this race has been the biggest friend of the pro-Tehran lobby in Washington,” Timmerman said. “He has opposed sanctions, and undermined funding for the pro-freedom movement in Iran. This is a disgrace, and his failure to understand the threat from the Islamic Republic of Iran brings us closer to a war we do not need and can actually prevent.”

Timmerman believes that national security starts at home with securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws. “We must put an end to the sanctuary cities my opponent has supported,” he said. If elected to Congress, Timmerman vowed to support Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick, who gets criticized for enforcing the immigration laws that are on the books.

“We also need to understand that the Jewish community in Montgomery County and elsewhere in Maryland is at special risk today because of the threats by Iran’s leaders and other extremists to attack Jews wherever they live,” he said. “Just this week, we’ve seen Israeli diplomats and their families targeted by Iranian-backed terrorists around the world. We urgently need to beef up protection of Jewish educational centers and synagogues.”

Twelve other distinguished national security practitioners joined Ambassador Bolton, including:

–       John F. Lehman, president Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy and a member of the 9/11 commission;

–       R. James Woolsey, former CIA Director,

–       Major General Charles H. Swannack, Jr;, former commander of the 82nd Airborne division,

–       Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, former Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet

–       Brigadier General Kenneth D. Chrosniak, former commander, Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib, Iraq;

–       Ambassador Henry Cooper, former Director, Strategic Defense Initiative Organization; and

–       Andrew C. McCarthy, Esq. the Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted our first trials against al Qaeda, well before the 9/11 attack,

In the letter, Bolton and his colleagues blasted the Obama administration for tailoring its new defense “strategy” to budget constraints, rather than first determining the security threats to our nation and building the force needed to counter them.

“Our adversaries will not wait for us to call up the reserves in time of war, and yet the current administration is scaling back our active-duty military so we will no longer be able to fight in two theaters simultaneously. And they refuse to protect our national power grid against the threat of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse attack or massive solar flare, despite clear warnings from the Congressionally-mandated EMP commission and other authoritative scientific sources,” Bolton and his colleagues wrote.

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