Judy George Joins Robert Redford, Dan Rather And George Foreman As A GRAND Magazine Cover Feature

"Businesses need to hire grandparents," says Judy George, serial entrepreneur, and author of, "The Intuitive Business Woman"

This summer’s Grand Magazine cover features Judy George, serial entrepreneur and author of two books on women-in-business and intuitive design.

A Milton, Massachusetts resident, George has now started a new family venture with her sons and grandchildren: ENVIE, a home hair straightening system that eliminates the harsh chemicals, and high-cost of salon treatments.

GRAND Magazine highlights George’s life experiences as the founder of DOMAIN, a 35-store retail chain, creator of numerous aspirational home décor brands, the importance of family, and her views on why businesses suffer when they overlook hiring grandparents.

“Grandparents, and people over 65, offer the most special communication that young people will ever experience and there is no reason why we can’t be normal contributors to the workforce. We bring a vision of hope and love that isn’t available anywhere else in the universe,” says George.

The cover feature, by Editor Christine Crosby, also includes interactive links to Judy George’s test for identifying one’s personality archetype as: Visionary, Artisan, Idealist, or Adventurer. The tests first appeared in her two books.

“The Domain Book of Intuitive Home Design” identifies how the four different personality types express themselves through their aesthetic and style choices.

 “The Intuitive Businesswoman” applies the same concept to women and business.

GRAND Magazine, Living the Ageless Life, quotes George on her views and experiences that once included hiring a plane to buzz the CEO’s office with a banner saying, “Hire Judy George, She’ll Make you Money.” She got the job!

On Style: “I was a middle child and a dreamer who created a tent-like atmosphere for myself with all sorts of gauzy fabrics and textures,” recalls George, who revolutionized home furnishing by emphasizing fashion and style that fits your personality.

On Decorating: “Start a scrapbook, which would probably be Pinterest now. I still have mine from my childhood.”

On Entrepreneurship: “I mortgaged my home to start my first business.”

On Failure: “After raising a considerable amount of money I made a lot of mistakes. I hired people with the exact same talents I had before I finally learned that great employees are the most important part of any business because they expand your capability. Without them success is impossible.”

On Being a Grandmother: “I got a second chance at unconditional love. Two of my grandchildren have already exhibited entrepreneurial tendencies and have helped with the launch of our newest concept ENVIE by contributing their social media skills.”

On Causes: “I am passionate about Alzheimer’s disease research, having lost my mother to this unforgiving disease and am in a study, Project Hope, to see if I can add value to their significant research.”

For the complete article and Judy George’s Interactive Personality Tests visit GRAND Magazine, Summer, 2018.

President Bill Clinton recognized George for her work: in 1993, she was chosen to participate in the NAFTA Conference and in 1996 was named to participate in the first Women in Trade Business Development Mission in Amsterdam and London, representing U.S. women CEOs.

In 2003, in commemoration of the SBA’s 50th anniversary, she was honored by the U.S. Small Business Administration at its “Celebrating Women in Business” breakfast.

In 2004, she received the Anti-Defamation League’s prestigious American Heritage Award.

She was ranked 12th of 100 Top Women Led Businesses in Massachusetts, by Babson College and The Commonwealth Institute.