‘Know Your Audience,’ A Video Interview With Shep Hyken, Now Available On Convey – The Business Knowledgebase

Shep Hyken shares secrets for extending the reach of speaking professionals in this unique video interview featured in the 2012 Speaking & Coaching Insights Catalog on Convey — The Business Knowledgebase.

According to Hyken, today’s business environment is a call to speakers to ask the question, “Who really is the audience that we want to address?”  He discusses how the proliferation of technology has created an opportunity for speakers to use that technology to change the way they engage their audience, extend the life of their content, and create new opportunities to generate revenue.  

“The speaker of twenty years ago, isn’t the speaker of today,” said Shep Hyken. “The audience is totally different. How they learn today is different from how they learned in the past.”

“Understanding your audience is as important as the message you deliver,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Copper Services. “If you have a younger consumer, they are much more apt to receive information electronically than an older audience. In this video, Shep highlights methods for both emerging speakers and seasoned professionals to maximize the use of technology tools to reach to a broader audience.”

The entire interview is available free online at: https://speakinginsights.conveycontent.com/y/QZLw2