Listen To Free Music Online And Download Free MP3 Legally

Each day millions of songs are downloaded from the internet. Most of which are done illegally. With piracy laws tightening, more consumers are looking for ways to stream and download the latest music without having to pay high prices. A variety of websites such as have started popping up around the World Wide Web. These sites allow artists or recording labels to upload music on their own accord.

The problem with illegal download sites such as or is that the music is obtained through an illegal manner that violates copyright laws issued by the recording artist and label. With sites like, the artists and labels that want to be involved have the option to do so. For the consumer, this means that there is a safe, free website where they can create online radio stations of their favorite music genres, listen to free music without limits and download their favorite MP3s. is the best way to find out who the next hot artist will be. New and aspiring artists are most likely to upload their music so that they can be part of an epic movement that will also give them free music promotion. In a world where many aspiring artists are competing with hundreds of other people, this is an ideal option.

Getting started with and similar website is free. Simply create a profile and start browsing the music selection to create your own music channels. This website also offers videos and concert series that have been uploaded to be viewed. Consumers will have access to thousands of their favorite songs and be able to experience new and emerging artists for the first time.

With the average download costing between $0.99 and $1.99 per song, more people are looking for ways to keep their MP3 players filled with the best beats without breaking the bank. Sites like iTunes have made a fortune by using this same technique, but they charge money per downloads while this website is free. In addition to downloading free music, listeners can stream their favorite songs in a custom radio station. This concept is similar to the set up of but offers more flexibility, unlimited listening and the option to skip as many songs as they would like. is the hottest source of free legal music downloads on the internet today. Site visitors will have access to a vast array of artist that cover all genres. The charts category allows visitors to see which songs and artists are making the most noise on the internet. Videos are also available for free streaming. The site is easy to navigate and allows subscribers to follow their favorite artists so that they can be up to date with the latest songs that are released as well as share their favorite songs with their friends. This website is a new form of social networking that is centered around the world of music and is completely free.