Lowered Aviation Jet Fuel Prices – Jp54fuel.com

In the modern financial world, maintaining a long-term, low-cost, and stable supply of JP54 blend fuels is a vital consideration for any aviation company. An inability to obtain a stably priced supply of aviation fuel can result in sudden increases in operating cost and the concurrent increase in customer fees. However, JG Wealth’s new aviation fuel supply division, JP54Fuel.com, can assist companies with reducing jet fuel prices and gaining the ability to create business plans with the assurance of stable fuel costs.

By establishing a client friendly system of fuel suppliers and fuel brokers, JP54Fuel.com can maintain low aviation fuel costs, while allowing qualified purchasers to obtain needed quantities of fuel, starting with a minimum order of 2 million barrels for JP54 blends. This worldwide network allows aviation companies to purchase fuel from FOB in Rotterdam, or from other conveniently located fuel sources.

In addition, JG Wealth can assure buyers of convenient terms, including the following:

• A swift negotiation process, which allows for a two to seven period for closing contracts.
• A fast, 24-hour turn around time for deliveries of aviation fuel to JG Wealth’s clients. This also allows the customer to avoid jet fuel price fluctuations that might result from a longer delivery time.
• Granting the customer the ability to purchase fuel at 10 to 40 percent under NWE Platt benchmark prices. These fuel prices can be impacted by current market demand, but will remain under benchmark prices.

With a vast network of fuel suppliers and fuel brokers, JG Wealth can also offer long and short-term stability to their clients. By maintaining predictable aviation fuel costs, the customer can easily plan their future policies without fear of the possibility of an unexpected spike in jet fuel prices. Furthermore, the ability to have fuel delivered to any location drastically reduces the difficulty of maintaining a reliable fuel supply, especially for airlines with wide ranging operations.

JP54Fuel.com works to establish a long-term relationship with their customers, which includes a dedication to effectively servicing the customer’s needs, whether those needs require special assistance from a fuel broker or the fast delivery of needed fuel to the business location. Whether from FOB in Rotterdam sources, or directly from another fuel supplier, JP54Fuel.com can effectively assist airlines in being able to minimize their own costs, while passing those savings along to their customers.