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Lester Braniff Brings Back Classic Rock Music With His New Single Release “Bright and Sunny Morning”

Bright and Sunny Morning

Bright and Sunny Morning

Lester Braniff, the humble musician from Workington, Cumbria in the UK, recently released a new single called “Bright and Sunny Morning.” The single is available on Spotify, where fans of classic rock will be able to listen to original music that will get their blood pumping with the great sensibilities of the 1980s music.

As a musician who can still remember the glory of classic rock, Lester Braniff brings it closer to his listeners through his very own compositions. Besides his new single, he’s also released an album called Three Songs from the Crypt, available in Spotify, Apple Music, and a number of other music sites. Released on March 23, 2017, it contains the songs Bright and Sunny Morning, Spread like an Eagle, and The Life Song.

Unlike today’s music with themes often of love, drugs, and sex. Lester Braniff focuses on writing songs that speak of more profound emotions and more meaningful topics. The themes of classic rock are varied and just like the old songs, Braniff’s songs speak of something else entirely. His songs help to relax, spacey, and soothing, which listeners are sure to enjoy.

Besides his writing and singing his own songs, he also revives classic rock songs such as Behind Blue Eyes by The Who, Wishing Well by Free, The Wizard by Black Sabbath, and Crossroads by Cream. All three are popular classic rock songs to which he had revived in his very own rendition. As an avid fan of classic rock himself, he wants to share his passion for the music through his own voice.

Lester Braniff is a musician/artist who has been playing music for more than 35 years. He lives at Cumbria, UK, a vocalist who composes and performs the music of blues and classic rock genre. Often writing music in his back kitchen during Sunday mornings, Lester writes songs while enjoying a relaxing day with his dog “Archie”. This is how he’s able to come up with songs that stir up such emotion and pain.

There are a lot of things to like about classic rock. There are the actual instruments being played in the background. There is the fact that the artists are the real songwriters, much like with Lester who writes his own songs. Unlike today’s pop songs and artists, classic rock music never plays with auto-tune. All of Lester’s songs are touched up with his own unique voice.

More than the amazing music, it’s the live performance that makes classic rock the best. On that note, Lester never fails to attend gigs and perform his songs in front of a crowd. The best of all, classic rock songs never get old. They are the kind of songs one would want to listen over and over again. Lester Braniff is proud to say his album and newest single are made for classic rock fans. Young and old, anyone who listens to classic rock legends like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Eric Clapton, etc. will enjoy Lester Braniff’s brand of music.