Open 4 Business Online Accepting Beta Subscribers, OpenBravo ERP, Pentaho BI/Analytics & Sugar CRM, Beta Subscribers Can Use Any One Or All Three For Free For 3 Months And Get A Discount Thereafter

Open 4 Business Online provides four Open Source Applications as an integrated Software as a Service.  you get OpenBravo Community Edition for ERP, Pentaho Community Edition for BI, Reporting and Analytics and Sugar CRM Community Edition.  All three are integrated into a single service with Liferay Portal.

We are accepting a limited number of Beta Subscribers to the Service to help us evaluate the service and functionality.  In exchange for  a weekly questionaire, we will provide one or all of the applications for free for 3 months and after that we will charge less than half the rate from any other vendor to our Beta Subscribers forever.

This is an opportunity to get access to world class software for free for three months and almost free thereafter.

We are not cutting corners.  You may choose to upgrade to the commercial supported full enterprise versions of any or all of them at a later date if you so desire, and you may take your data and leave at any time later on, you can’t lose.

Just come to and sign up, and we wil provision your software within 24 hours and away you go.