Paradiso Launched Its New Integration Between Its LMS And Slack

Companies can increase their productivity thanks to Paradiso LMS Slack Integration

Paradiso Solutions

Paradiso Solutions

Paradiso wants to help companies improve and increase their productivity, that’s why developed the integration between Slack and their LMS. With the LMS Slack integration the companies not only have all their training data, courses and user information but also they can keep their communication channels and files in the same place.

Slack has been a tool commonly used for companies that want to manage their communication through an optimum channel. It allows them to create groups of employees around different topics, projects or clients to organize the strategies, send the documents and keep all the history there. Nevertheless, Slack isn’t enough for the companies to achieve their training goals.

Lately, an LMS or Learning Management System has become a necessary platform that companies acquire to reduce costs and resources in their onboarding or employees’ training. It helps them create, organize and manage the users, courses, and activities, tracking their performance, efficiency, goals, and abilities achieved.

Many companies don’t want to lose all the information that they have already in their Slack tool. They’ve seen that the files and instructions that they have there are useful for their training programs. They started to require an LMS platform that allows them to integrate their eLearning Software with Slack.

Paradiso LMS, in order to solve their need, launched its integration between its LMS and Slack. The LMS Slack integration allows direct messages, search from previous conversations or shared content and get notifications, not only from Slack but from Paradiso LMS.

Now the trainers and employees can send chat notifications and add files in the LMS and receive it directly on Slack, thanks to the integration. It also works as an information channel to announce the arrival of new content in the LMS such as courses, new versions, any novelty or any feedback.

Sach Chaudhari, the CEO of Paradiso Solutions, commented about the LMS Slack integration: “Paradiso LMS is always thinking about its users and wants to solve all their needs. That’s why we always find the way to offer the solutions and develop a Software that adapts perfectly to any use case scenario”.


About Paradiso Solutions

Paradiso Solutions ( is the provider of the world´s best LMS (Learning Management System) software platform. Paradiso has been a leader in providing end-to-end learning management system solutions for small, medium and large businesses and educational institutions. Paradiso LMS has an intuitive user interface and supports newer training techniques such as gamification, social learning and multi-tenancy. Paradiso LMS is integrated with more than 100 integrations with many popular applications like CRMs (Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics), eCommerce (WooCommerce, Magento), web conferencing tools (Adobe Connect, Gotowebinar, Webex), as well as many others. The firm has a legacy of satisfied client-base that it hopes to expand rapidly in the near future.