Pediworx Brings New Unique Nail Care Technique At The Beauty Bar Spa At Seattle Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Pediworx starts offering its unmatched foot and nail care services at The Beauty Bar, Seattle’s premier spa located at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.  The uniqueness of the new method is in its razor sharp focus on pioneering progressive, ultra healthy, treatment-based approach to nail care. In essence the Pediworx health and well being mission comes down to the company’s use of designed-for-nail- care devices equipped with non-invasive tools – new to the US market; top level sanitary practices, and most notably the practice of delivering customized solutions based on individual conditions of client’s skin and nails.

 The services are being offered without traditional “old-school” combination of soaking and sharp instruments in order to eliminate any chances of water-thriving bacteria from entering a body system through a micro-injury caused by nippers or scissors.

The expected cleanness, purity and freshness are not sacrificed because of the use of the specialized European line of products that are used for disinfection, cleaning and relaxation throughout the treatment.  Pediworx method utilizes the medical grade sterilization procedures involving autoclave and ultrasound cleansing devices. The disposable implements are used to ensure un-compromised adhering to the sanitary codes.  

 Importantly, the specialized nail care equipment used in the procedures takes the quality of services to the highest level by going beyond traditional buffing and sloughing. Pediworx offers treatments customized for unique requirements of a client’s nails and skin.

Co-founder Lana Zverev believes that “esthetic and healthy foot and nail care should be performed on the highest professional level with excellent precision and personalized attention to specific conditions of every single client. The method promotes wellness to the very foundation of a human body – the feet” Moreover the company is committed to delivering the highest quality services at competitive rates.

 Pediworx currently operates in three locations – Seattle Athletic Club, Harbor Square Athletic Club and Fairmont Hotel.

 The Beauty Bar spa owners understand the realities of clients’ busy days, and have specially designed time-saving all-over service packages such as body toning, eyelash extensions, a pedicure and a manicure which can all be performed simultaneously.

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