SNiP Screen Announces Genetic Screening Service

Imminent launch of SNiP Screen; direct-to-consumer genetic screening service, that will reveal a person's genetic predisposition for over 230 traits and conditions. Prices from $149

SNiP Screen

SNiP Screen is proud to announce the imminent launch of their direct-to-consumer genetic screening service that, from a simple saliva sample, will reveal a person’s genetic predisposition for over 230 traits and conditions.

Everyone has a natural curiosity about how we are made and what the future might hold. Your genes can provide some of these answers.

Our genes are fixed from conception for life. Embedded in each person’s genes from the earliest age are significant snippets of genetic code that contribute to both health and disease. Being able to read those codes or markers is no longer science fiction; It is today’s scientific reality.

Applying advanced quantitative techniques and technology to the health field, the genetic screening service we offer uses leading edge technology and the latest knowhow to give you information about your genetic predisposition to various traits and conditions. With this information, you could take preventive measures to actively reduce your exposure to certain health risks that may be highlighted.

Your results will also allow you to compare the probability with the reality. We test for a number of observable traits such as hair colour, eye colour and freckles.

As this is a rapidly expanding field of research, new traits and conditions are frequently being identified and added to those that we screen for. For the latest list, please visit our website from where you should click the “CONDITIONS” tab at the top of the page. Alternatively, just follow this link.

You can also see a sample SNiP Screen report for some of those traits and conditions.

Our SNiP Screen service has been priced to make it affordable to most. For example, depending on the number of screenings ordered, the cost of screening one person’s DNA sample can be as little as $149. This is less than half the price of some competing services.

Additionally, with our reports typically being made available to you 4 to 6 weeks after receiving your sample, this makes SNiP Screen more than twice as fast as some competing services.

Total Privacy and Anonymity

The SNiP Screen service is a totally anonymous service. Besides the fact that we will naturally not know who supplied the saliva sample that you will send back to us, the SNiP Screen reports will also NOT contain any personally identifiable information like your name, address, or payment information. The SNiP Screen reports are only referenced by a random alpha-numerical bar code plus a pin code.

You can see our brochure in PDF format—the printed version is folded twice to create a small 9.4cm x 21.6 cm handout.

For full information on the service, including pricing, please visiit