The Film Funding Club Releases The Liberation Of American Media: A Field Guide for the New Producer, Learn How To Create, Produce, Market, Sell Independent Films, Web Series And Books

If you are a writer, filmmaker, would-be web series producer or journalist looking for step by step instructions on how to produce and distribute media profitably, the Film Funding Club ( is here to help.  Their newest publication, The Liberation of American Media, is a clear, concise, manual for to creating great content and ensuring it finds a paying market. 

You learn: 

How to write and publish a book quickly and cost effectively, and how to make it available nationwide in a matter of days. * How to make a movie anywhere, profitably * New options for journalists who want to create independent documentaries * How to market media before, during and after production * Why celebrities are appearing in more and smaller independent films & how to cast them * How Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Pay Per View Cable Networks and Independent Theater are diversifying American media & changing our culture * How States and the US government are making independent media production easier and easier to fund.

Author Nancy Fulton, in a recent interview with Mark Cope, on radio KXYL in Brownwood Texas, said “People watch more movies, documentaries and short films than they ever have in the past and they are looking for new reflections of the world they see and hear around them. You don’t have to live in Hollywood or New York to make money, or have an impact, in media any more.” Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer living just outside Hollywood who has produced documentaries, short films, and other media for over a decade. She’s also the founder of the Film Funding Club, which provides information and support to indie producers worldwide.

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