The Steel Chops Creates A Stand Alone Brand Of Rock That Is Anything But Generic

The classic rock roots will draw you to The Steel Chops and the deep emotional connection keeps the interest of their listeners. Refusing to adhere to the rules of overplayed radio classic rock, their sound is a hybrid of country, jazz, southern rock, and blues complete with a brand of exquisite musicianship and a carefully crafted sound. A testament to their diverse background is the number of sounds integrated within their new album. This includes arrangements completely divergent from traditional classic rock radio.

“Paint me a Picture” is an album with an immensely large sound. Those looking for a new spin on classic rock will appreciate the deeper than surface content of the sound and eclectic nature of their music. The music can be previewed and purchased on Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, and other major online music vendors.

Recorded at Gravity Studios in Chicago, “Paint me a Picture” is produced by some of the same minds who produced artists such as Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, and Rise Against. The band has already gained a large following through Internet radio around the world, and the artists hope to break into the music festival scene with their eyes set on SXSW. Stay updated at and keep an eye open for The Steel Chops as one of the most original new rock outfits this year.