Thoughtsone Creates His Own Sound Of Soulful Hip Hop

Exemplifying an artist who strives for individuality and self-expression, Thoughtsone a.k.a. Thoughtsarizen offers a diverse and constantly evolving brand of hip hop. His musical experiences lend themselves to his brilliant mix of hip hop, dance, rap, and indie. His latest release titled “B-Sides Vol. 2” is a collection of songs that didn’t quite make it onto his albums and a testament to his perfectionist attitude.

Thoughtsone began his music career as a member of a punk group called “Government Asphyxiation” at age 14. Now near 30, the artist has become a member of the underground hip hop scene while retaining the lessons learned from his punk days including DIY, self promotion, hard work, causes, self-awareness, individuality, and so on. In addition, he has pinned down his voice and found a way to convey to listeners exactly what’s happening on the inside.

“I write soulful hip-hop. Now that doesn’t mean I sing, because I don’t, it means I write music that comes from my soul. Some people may same I’m a “soft” emcee, or “nerd” rapper, but really I just write whats real to me.”

Having traveled all over the west coast, this rapper has acquainted himself with a wide variety of talent. This includes artists such as Technicali camp, Josh Martinez, Akil from Jurassic Five, Fresh Goods, and Brawdcast.  Each of these artists have helped him along on his musical journey as a hip hop artist.

Thoughtsone will also tell you that being a successful artist is not a full time job, it’s a consuming position. “What most people don’t know is to be a success its not 40 hours a week, its 168. Its not M-F its Monday to Monday. There is no stop on the grind and you lose a lot of friends and connections that way. You really have to sacrifice to make it. But as an artist, the sacrifice just makes the must that much more holy, that much more real. And I love it,” he said.

Also planning a tour in Finland, Italy, and the United States in the upcoming months, Thoughtsone will look to gain worldwide exposure and also hopes to release a slew of albums over time. Both of Thoughtsone’s B-Sides albums are currently available on Amazon, Rhapsody, CDBaby, iTunes, and your favorite online music mediums, and a video from his “Love and Destruction” album is available on a variety of video download locations including YouTube.

Check out “B-Sides Vol. 2” before the release of “Love and Destruction”, an album that touches on relationships, emotions, self destruction, re-invigoration, self realization, and everything else that makes us human. For more information on Thoughtsone and his unique brand of hip hop, check out