Wealth, Insurance, And Legal Advisors Offer Timely Advice To High Net Worth Investors

New York, NY (February 16, 2012) – Wealth, insurance, and legal advisors offer timely advice to high net worth investors in the Worth Leading Advisors special section published in the February/March 2012 issue of Worth. More than 120 advisors from 40 of the nation’s top firms (with combined assets under management of $344 billion) offer expertise on a wide variety of relevant topics, from investment strategies to succession planning. Featured topics (in alphabetical order) and essays from February/March include:



What are the advantages of group personal liability programs?  Brett Woodward, Christopher Shanks and Julie Lovall, Lane McVicker LLC, Chicago, IL

What limitations or exclusions should I know about when it comes to homeowners insurance? Carl Zelinsky, Jeffrey Elliott, Donna Gerard and Maryann Smith, New England Brokerage Corporation, Fairfield County—Greenwich, CT

How do I insure personal assets owned by trusts and LLCs?  David Beeton, Seth Ford Gilman, Ryan Dritz and Gregory Hughes, Poms & Associates, Los Angeles, CA

What are the pros and cons of private placement life insurance?  Jeremy Tennenbaum, Spouting Rock Consulting, Delaware Valley

Why is family office liability insurance a worthy option?  Joseph Gendelman and Bruce Gendelman, Bruce Gendelman Company, New York, NY—South Florida

How can I protect my assets while serving my community?  Lowry Baldwin, Laura Sherman and Elizabeth Krystyn, Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners, South Florida

How much personal excess liability coverage do I really need?  Lupe Erwin, Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers, Los Angeles, CA

What can I do to take control of my company’s escalating medical costs? Michael A. Bodack; James I. Krantz, CPCU; and Robert J. Kestenbaum, York International Agency, LLC, New York, NY

Why is my home insured for more than its market value?  Michael Carmody, Penne Crews, Katlyn Hathaway, Craig Low and DeAnna Pledger, Lane McVicker LLC, South Florida—Alpharetta, GA

What kind of insurance policy do we need to fully cover our home, with its one-of-a-kind features? Peter Lefkowitz, JD, NFP Property & Casualty Services Inc., New York, NY

What are special insurance needs of individuals worth $10 million or more? Stephen R. Bitterman, Chartis, New York, NY—Delaware Valley

Why do I need to use a yacht insurance specialist?  Ray Celedinas, CIC, Celedinas Insurance Group, South Florida



How should I handle my finances during a divorce?  Bill Loftus; Kevin Burns; Bill Lomas, CFP®, CIMA®, CRPC®; and Jim Pratt-Heaney, CIMA®, LLBH Private Wealth Management LLC, Fairfield County, CT



What are the dangers of investing “safely”?  Aaron Gurwitz and Hans Olsen, CFA®, Barclays Wealth, New York, NY—Chicago, IL

I am interested in master limited partnerships. What should I consider before investing?  Al Zdenek, CPA/PFS, Traust Sollus Wealth Management, New York, NY

How safe are my assets?  Bryan R. Malis, CFA®, CFP®, Altair Advisers LLC, Chicago, IL

Where should I invest now?  Charles D. Osborne; Justin W. McNichols, CFA®; Shannon S. Lemon, CFP®; Deglin F. Kenealy; and Robert C. Gillooly, CFA®, Osborne Partners Capital Management, San Francisco, CA

What is a good strategy for managing my investments in this era of increased market volatility? Craig Rawlins, CFA®, CPA, CFP®, Harris myCFO Investment Advisory Services LLC, Chicago, IL

Dividend-paying stocks: Are they income-producers for a new era?  David A. Corbin, CFA®, Corbin & Company, Dallas—Fort Worth, TX

How can I create a stable portfolio in unstable times?  Deborah Stavis, CFP®, and Eddie Cohen, CFP®, Stavis & Cohen Financial, Houston, TX

What strategies should I employ now, before inflation increases?  Doug Anderson, CFA®, Harris myCFO Investment Advisory Services LLC, Palo Alto, CA

What are alternative investments, and which ones are right for me?  Grant Rawdin, Esq.; Richard A. Gotterer, CFP®; Cynthia J. Bucher; Scott A. Poulin; Joyce Indingaro Kory; Harold P. Weinstein, PhD; and Lydia P. Sheckels, Wescott Financial Advisory Group LLC, Delaware Valley—South Florida

What is the effect of equity correlations on hedge fund returns?  Gregory S. Horn, Persimmon Capital Management LP, Delaware Valley

I’m worried about credit risk. How do you suggest investing in municipal bonds?  Gregory W. Serbe, Lebenthal Asset Management, a Subsidiary of Alexandra & James Co. LLC, New York, NY

What are corporations doing with all that cash?  Henry Smith; Binney H.C. Wietlisbach; John Donaldson, CFA®; Timothy Hoyle, CFA®; and Jeffrey Bagley, CFA®, The Haverford Trust Company, Delaware Valley

Is there a way to gain access to alternative strategies in a liquid, transparent investment vehicle? Ira Rapaport, CFP®, CIMA®, AIF®, CPA/PFS, New England Private Wealth Advisors LLC, Boston

How can an EB-5 investor help finance my company or project?  Kevin Leung, LKP Global Law LLP, Los Angeles, CA

What do recent political trends mean to my investments?  Marc Lowlicht, CFP®, MSFP, and J. Michael Araiz, Further Lane Asset Management, New York, NY

Can junk bonds be turned into treasure?  Mark S. Germain, CFP®, MBA, Beacon Wealth Management, New York, NY

How do I deal with uncertain times? Norman Boone, CFP®; Susan S. Morse, CFA®, CFP®; Geoffrey Zimmerman, CFP®; Kevin Gahagan, CIMA®, CFP®; Holly Gillian-Kindel, CLU, CPCC, CFP®; Sabrina Lowell, CFP®; and Ricci M. Victorio, CSP, Mosaic Financial Partners Inc., San Francisco—Bay Area, CA

How do I protect my wealth from unexpected events?  Timothy E. Flatley, ChFC®, Sterling Investment Advisors Ltd., Delaware Valley

When it comes to annuities, do the pros outweigh the cons?  Vince A. DiLeva, MS, CFP®, AIF®, Signature Estate & Investment Advisors LLC, Los Angeles—Orange County, CA

What is the allure of silver?  Dr. Walter V. Gerasimowicz, Meditron Asset Management LLC, New York, NY

Did the devil make me do it?  Jeff Christenson, Christenson Wealth Management, Phoenix—Scottsdale, AZ



How can I instill charitable values in my children? Cynthia Strauss, Fidelity CharitableSM, Boston, MA



How should I plan for retirement income?  Carina Diamond, CFP®, MBA, SS&G Wealth Management LLC, Chicago, IL—Cleveland, OH

What are the best practices for retiring partners of Big Four accounting firms?  Jim Hagedorn, CFA®, and Anthony Halpin, CPA, Chicago Partners Investment Group LLC, Chicago, IL



What are the best ways to take advantage of the $5.12 million gift tax exemption in 2012?  Jeffrey H. Thomasson, CFP®; Laura J. Clark, CFA®; Robert W. Hauswirth, MBA, CFA®, CFP®, CPA/PFS; and Charles L. Heekin, Oxford Financial Group, Ltd.TM, Chicago, IL



What are the main hurdles for successful wealth transition, and how can I avoid them?  Chris Merrywell, The Private Bank, Union Bank, N.A., Seattle, WA



What is the value of a specialist?  Michael Glowacki, CFP®, CPA, MBT, The Glowacki Group LLC, Los Angeles, CA

How should I benchmark my financial professional’s performance?  Carlo A. Panaccione, CFP®, Navigation Group Inc., San Francisco Peninsula—Silicon Valley, CA

Why is it important that my advisor be adaptive?  David Moore, Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust, South Florida


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