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Press Releases

WireNews adheres to very strict guidelines for the publication of news, op-ed, corporate news (press releases) and personal blog posts. Before you post your content, please consider the following:

Does your content offer actual “news”?
If you’re simply repeating something someone else has already published, WireNews is not the tool for you. Try and find something new to say about your subject.

Does your media contain prohibited content?
There are certain types of content that we will not permit to be published via WireNews. Click here for our prohibited media list (scroll down the page). Note that this list is updated from time to time so it’s a good idea to refer to it, if you have doubt.

If your content is a Press Release, is the media written in the ‘third person’?
Your press release or corporate news should be written in the ‘third-person’ as if it was written by an objective journalist and not as if your company is talking directly to the customer or end-user.

If your content is News, is there a legitimate news angle?
It’s supposed to be “news” and your target audience will ignore what you’ve written is it’s merely a re-hash of what’s already available elsewhere.

Are you using the Exclamation Point, when you shouldn’t?
Sadly, this is the reason most content is rejected. When to use the Exclamation Point and when to, err, not! Imagine how ridiculous your media will appear to someone who actually understands the English language if you use the “!” at the end of every sentence! So, reconsider your commitment to both CAPS and exclamation points. These are excellent choices when warning people about a fire or a looming tsunami. But I’m afraid their use in the context of News, a corporate press releases and or on blog posts implies a level of urgency that may exist only in your mind. It’s not something that should be used when you really mean something! It’s only to be used in a sentence when you’re YELLING the sentence! So, “GET OUT OF HERE!”, but not, “Our Products Are Great!”. We will remove the “Exclamation Point” where it should not be used in your content and we really mean it!!!

Have you already published the media elsewhere?
Posting the same content on numerous websites will have a negative impact on your message. Say it once. Say it right. Say it here. That’s all you need to do.

Is your media attributed correctly?
Try to avoid generalisations such as “we’re the best at…”, etc. Make your content factual and it will be taken seriously. If your press release appears more like an advertisement, we reserve the right to decline to publish it.

Does the title and subtitle (if applicable) reflect your news story?
Titles that do not match the general theme of the content of the media will not be passed for publication and if approved, accidently, they will eventually be removed without further notice. For example, a headline about a world event or popular person should not then tell the reader about your company’s new product, unless directly related to the event.

Is your media in good taste?
We will not publish any media that appears in “bad taste”. Although a wide berth is given, there is a line and we suggest that you don’t cross it. One doesn’t have to be rude to get the message across. Remember, these webpages are public and there are children out there who might read what you’ve written.

Does your media have ‘excessive’ or ‘un-natural’ hyper-links?
Linking words in a press release for traditional SEO or PageRank value would be considered ‘un-natural’ and excessive and would hold-up publication of your media. Remember a clean message, well-written, will attract the journalists and other visitors to your website. Use the ‘Contact Tool’ to create a link back to your website, Twitter and or Facebook. If you require more than one link you can create up to three contacts per press release or article.

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