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State Department Celebrates Fourth Anniversary Of Flagship Program For Southeast Asian Leaders

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State

On December 3, the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) – the State Department’s flagship leadership program in Southeast Asia – will celebrate its fourth anniversary. To mark the occasion, emerging leaders in all ASEAN member countries will implement community service projects, December 1–10, throughout their local, national, and regional communities. This dynamic campaign, collectively known as YOUnified, will bring leaders together with U.S. diplomatic missions for 10 days of high-impact projects.

The State Department will also participate in YOUnified through three community service events in Washington D.C. from December 4–8.

In one of the events, an American alumnus of a State Department exchange program in Southeast Asia will visit students at the Theodore Roosevelt High School Global Studies Campus to conduct educational outreach. The alumnus will speak about the impact of exchanges and opportunities for American students to participate in State Department exchange programs.

State Department personnel will also volunteer at two local organizations – the D.C. Central Kitchen and N Street Village.

For more information on the YOUnified projects in ASEAN, visit https://asean.usmission.gov/yseali/yseali-younified to view our map of projects by location.

Project updates and photos can be accessed on the YSEALI Tumblr: https://youngsoutheastasianleaders.tumblr.com/submit.

To learn more about YSEALI, please visit: https://asean.usmission.gov/yseali/.

Cambodia Government Kicks Damage Control Into High Gear



The ministry’s statement named no specific delegations but closely reflected the criticism levelled in a statement released by the E.U.

The E.U. said its member missions “deeply regret the dangerous political escalation of recent days and call for a halt to the judicial harassment of the acting leader of the opposition and representatives of the civil society organizations.”

A string of rights workers and opposition officials have been arrested over the past few months on charges widely seen as politically motivated. CNRP Vice President Kem Sokha has repeatedly been called to court over an alleged extramarital affair and narrowly evaded arrest last week for ignoring the summonses, despite his constitutionally guaranteed immunity from prosecution.

In its statement on Thursday, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said the “amazement and indignation” shown by the foreign delegations were misplaced.

“These reactions reflect the lack of knowledge or the will to pretend not to know the rules,” it said, claiming that other countries had the very same laws and procedures as Cambodia, “especially in those of the European Union.”

It specifically defended the right to “condemn” a witness for giving false testimony and arrest someone for … continue reading

EU Highlights Serious Flaws In New Thai Constitution And Referendum Campaign



The MEP delegation to Bangkok also demanded an open debate ahead of a referendum on 7 August on the country’s new constitution.

The charter is supposed to pave the way for elections in 2017 although the regime has now indicated this may be scrapped if the draft is rejected.

PM Prayut Chan-o-cha, the general in charge of the junta, said this week he will use his power to set up a new committee to draw up another charter if the draft is voted down.

During their visit to Thailand, the deputies also met …  continue reading