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UK-India Cooperation Energised At ELECRAMA 2018

The UK is the Indian electrical industry’s international partner for the flagship ELECRAMA 2018 at the World Utility Summit



A delegation of 15 leading British power and energy companies visited India for ELECRAMA 2018, which was held from 10 to 14 March. The delegation was led by Dr Howard Porter, CEO of BEAMA (British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association), with the support of the UK’s Department of International Trade (DIT).

The delegation highlighted how the UK has used technology to reduce its carbon emissions and promote digital energy systems.

In his speech to the World Utility Summit, Dr Porter highlighted the importance of effective regulatory frameworks for utilities to ensure transparent, high-quality and cost-effective services for consumers, and to deliver cleaner growth.

Excited about the bright future of UK-India partnership, Dr Porter said:

The BEAMA delegation is delighted to bring innovative British companies to India. We have shared UK learning, gained a better understand of the Indian power industry and created links that we will build into the future.

The UK delegation also convened a special roundtable on opportunities and strategies for renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart grid deployment, areas that feature in the UK’s programme of cooperation with India.

Engaging electricity distribution companies from a range of India’s states, the event enabled participants to share lessons on building a cleaner, smarter and more efficient power sector.

Sandy Sheard, Energy Counsellor at the British High Commission said:

India and the UK are natural partners with shared interests in secure and sustainable energy. This visit builds on the commitment made by our 2 prime ministers to build an enhanced ‘Energy for Growth’ partnership. The future of energy is smart and low carbon, but through visits like this and events like ELECRAMA 2018 we are working together to make it a reality today.

Global Youth Forum Organises The Commonwealth Big Lunch In Delhi

Members of the Commonwealth Youth Quorum gathered for the Big Lunch celebrating the spirit that links people from across the 53 countries of the Commonwealth

Commonwealth Big Lunch in Delhi

Commonwealth Big Lunch in Delhi

The gathering in New Delhi was the first of several Big Lunches taking place across the 53 Commonwealth nations from 12 March – Commonwealth Day – until Sunday 22 April.

Launched by the Eden Project in partnership with the UK government, thousands of people from across the Commonwealth will come together to celebrate, discover and share their Commonwealth links, stories and experiences with one another over a shared meal.

Lunches are being held ahead of and during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018. Unfolding over five days, leaders and foreign ministers from up to 53 countries and over 2,000 delegates will gather in London and Windsor, UK from 16 to 20 April to discuss and agree how to work together to address shared global challenges.

The British High Commissioner to India, Sir Dominic Asquith KCMG said:

We are delighted to hold our own Commonwealth Big Lunch. By stopping to share food and conversation, people in the Global Youth – Commonwealth Youth Forum have had the chance to celebrate and bring our community closer together.

It’s been a great opportunity to appreciate and strengthen the connections we have to each other and to the wider community across the Commonwealth.

Peter Stewart MVO, Executive Director of the Eden Project said:

From Commonwealth Day onwards, we’ve been encouraging people to come together to share friendship, food and fun with people where they live. The celebration in New Delhi is one of many taking place across 6 continents which is just phenomenal!

Commonwealth Big Lunches bring people together, show the diversity we all have and importantly celebrate the commonality we all share which showcases the true spirit of the Commonwealth.

Pranati Haldia, Chairperson, Commonwealth Youth Quorum, Global Youth, said:

We are proud to be associated with the British High Commission to mark the Commonwealth Big Lunch in New Delhi on the occasion of the Commonwealth Day (12 March). Big Lunch has given us an opportunity to spread the Commonwealth message of youth working together to achieve tangible results in the society and to talk about issues pertinent in the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Big Lunches will be held across India between now and the Commonwealth Summit, including in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh and Bhubaneswar.

Commonwealth Big Lunches were inspired by and build on the Eden Project’s annual Big Lunch, which launched in 2009 as a way to connect people with their communities over a shared meal. The Big Lunch has since seen millions of people get together, including for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The Big Lunch will take place later this year on Sunday 3 June.

Commonwealth Day Message Of HM The Queen: Towards A Common Future

Her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by members of the Royal Family, attended The Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on 12 March

Commonwealth Day

Commonwealth Day

In her Commonwealth Day Message 2018, The Queen wrote:

We all have reason to give thanks for the numerous ways in which our lives are enriched when we learn from others. Through exchanging ideas, and seeing life from other perspectives, we grow in understanding and work more collaboratively towards a common future. There is a very special value in the insights we gain through the Commonwealth connection; shared inheritances help us overcome difference so that diversity is a cause for celebration rather than division.

We shall see this in action at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting which takes place in the United Kingdom next month, bringing together young people, business and civil society from across the Commonwealth.

These gatherings are themselves fine examples of how consensus and commitment can help to create a future that is fairer, more secure, more prosperous and sustainable. Having enjoyed the warm hospitality of so many Commonwealth countries over the years, I look forward to the pleasure of welcoming the leaders of our family of 53 nations to my homes in London and Windsor.

Sport also contributes to building peace and development. The excitement and positive potential of friendly rivalry will be on display next month as we enjoy the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Australia. Contributing to the success of the Games, alongside athletes and officials, will be thousands of volunteers.

Voluntary effort, by people working as individuals, in groups or through larger associations, is so often what shapes the Commonwealth and all our communities. By pledging to serve the common good in new ways, we can ensure that the Commonwealth continues to grow in scope and stature, to have an even greater impact on people’s lives, today, and for future generations.

HM The Queen Recognises Indian Volunteer With Commonwealth Points Of Light Award

'Billion Steps for Women' campaign recognised on International Women’s Day by Her Majesty The Queen

Commonwealth Points of Light Award

Commonwealth Points of Light Award

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has today, 8 March, recognised Srishti Bakshi of India as the 26th Commonwealth Point of Light, in honour of her exceptional service to empowering women in India.

In the lead-up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London on 19 to 20 April, Her Majesty The Queen – as head of the Commonwealth – is thanking inspirational volunteers across the 53 Commonwealth nations for the difference they are making in their communities and beyond. By sharing these stories of service, Heads of Government will celebrate inspirational acts of volunteering across the Commonwealth family and help inspire others to make their own contribution to tackling some of the greatest social challenges of our time.

Srishti Bakshi is the founder of the CrossBow Miles movement. After seeing that India’s National Crime Records Bureau recorded 327,394 cases of violence against women in 2015, Srishti decided to make a statement and spread her message of gender equality across the country. She is leading a team of hundreds of female volunteers on a 3,800km walk through India across 260 days. During the walk, she leads workshops for women in rural communities on digital and financial literacy, leadership, and health. She has overseen the creation of an innovative mobile app where people from across the world can upload steps collected from their phone pedometers and join the campaign’s ‘Billion Steps For Women’.

Each Commonwealth Point of Light will receive a personalised certificate signed by Her Majesty The Queen as Head of the Commonwealth. Srishti was presented her award by the British High Commissioner to India Sir Dominic Asquith at an International Women’s Day reception.

Sir Dominic Asquith said:

In achieving one billion steps, her CrossBow Steps movement has spread the message of women’s empowerment and safety across India. I hope the Points of Light award helps Srishti spread her message globally and I congratulate her for her tremendous creativity and determination.

Srishti Bakshi said:

Receiving the Commonwealth Points of Light Award on International Women’s Day 2018 has been an honour and a very pleasant surprise. It is overwhelming and humbling to be recognised for our efforts to build a safer and better India for women, by empowering them.

At CrossBow Miles, we have always believed in doing our duty without expectation of a reward, but a recognition like this reaffirms our belief in the work we am doing. Our heartfelt thanks to Her Majesty the Queen, the selection committee and the British High Commission in New Delhi.

Innovate UK Promotes India-UK Future Manufacturing

UK-India share a strong relationship among its scientific communities

Innovate UK

Innovate UK

With an aim to promote UK-India collaboration in science, innovation and manufacturing, Innovate UK – the UK’s innovation agency – led a high-profile delegation from the UK Catapult Centres. Delegates from the digital, energy systems, transport, future cities, and satellite applications catapults visited Delhi and Bengaluru from February 26 to 1 March 2018. The catapults are not-for-profit, independent physical centres which foster innovation, bridging the gap between research and commercialisation.

Four of these catapults: Energy Systems, Transport Systems, Satellite Applications and Future Cities, participated in a series of meetings to discuss energy and transport implications for air quality and the opportunities for collaborative, innovative solutions involving Indian and UK partners. The meetings included representatives from the government, industry, academia and non-profit organisations.

With an aim to promote UK’s cross cutting technology and innovation in manufacturing, the digital catapult visited various organisations including research units, technology giants and small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working in the manufacturing space. Discussions focused on micro, small & medium enterprises (MSME) collaborations around Industry 4.0 and the provision of platforms for experimentation.

Stakeholders agreed that these discussions will foster the creation of an ambitious bilateral programme that brings the UK and the Indian digital manufacturing industries closer together.

Professor Amaresh Chakrabarti, Chairman, Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science said:

It was great to attend this high profile meeting where there was clear intent and urgency in taking collaboration between India and the UK forward in manufacturing, which has been identified as an area of priority by both the countries. Research, innovation and translation are key to both high value and high impact manufacturing, and the two countries have complementary skills and expertise to strengthen each other.

Working with MSMEs to move them up the value chain with appropriate technology and skills is particularly important for high impact, while strengthening ties to support aerospace, automotive and medical technology sectors can provide high value for both India and the UK.

Both the delegations discussed and explored new areas for collaboration and partnerships with Indian partners and other stakeholders in government, industry and the academia under the UK-India Newton-Bhabha Fund. Newton Bhabha Fund is a bilateral initiative to address global societal challenges through capacity building, research and innovation partnerships.

The key areas of discussion included:

  • digital manufacturing
  • clean energy for transport
  • improving air quality

Over four days the catapults visited a number of leading Indian academic institutes, government and industrial bodies that included:

  • Indian Institute of Science (Bengaluru),
  • Electropreneur Park
  • National Institute of Urban Affairs
  • The Central Manufacturing Technology Institute
  • Ministry of Electronics and IT
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Larsen and Toubro Technology Services
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Tata Power
  • Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry
  • Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation

India and the UK share close ties in the field of science, innovation and research. The importance of this international collaboration was reinforced by Innovate UK’s Deputy Chief Executive, Kevin Baughan whose visit was also a part of the delegation.

Kevin outlined his desire to see the principles of excellent innovation and collaboration to improve mutual global competitiveness and openness to be the guiding principles of the India-UK innovation partnership, and for both countries to shape these principles together as opportunities for partnership grow. He also met the winners of Tech Rocketship Awards who were recently awarded at the India-UK Createch Summit in Mumbai.

Kevin also chaired a high profile India-UK Future Manufacturing meeting, where he discussed the progress and development of the roadmap for strengthening collaboration between both countries in manufacturing. This meeting was a follow up to the recommendations of the ‘India-UK Future Manufacturing’ report which was launched last November at Innovate 2017 in Birmingham, UK. The participants at the meeting included representatives from UK and Indian companies, policy makers and academics.

Kevin Baughan appreciated the efforts of the both the countries and said:

With such a broad range of high-calibre expertise from industry, research and academia, this was an excellent opportunity to progress the development of our shared roadmap for strengthening the collaboration between India and the UK on the Future of Manufacturing.

I was very pleased with our conclusions which added clarity to the way forward through a joint focus on the global opportunities for advanced manufacturing using approaches tailored to achieve local prosperity.

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