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Migrant Crisis? Here’s My Plan…

Migrant Crisis?

Migrant Crisis?

Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, has warned that the migrant crisis could threaten the cohesion of the EU.

Indeed, as Member States ponder the closure of long-open borders and as taxpayer funds dry up with services and entitlements previously enjoyed by citizens now at risk, many leaders ask what are we to do?

The problem that originated in the Middle East; Syria, to be precise, is causing an influx of migrants, none of whom currently have usable skills or tangible assets to contribute to our European Society. The UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) says more than 700,000 migrants have reached Europe by boat so far this year. That number is likely very low and the conflict in Syria continues to be the biggest driver of the migration.

So what shall we do?

In a word: Conscription.

Laws should be passed to make immediate military service for any male migrant, aged 18–49 compulsory. Female migrants, within a similar age group, not currently caring for children should likewise be compelled to give service (military or otherwise) to the Member State of their choosing and as with their male counterparts, within 45 days of their arrival in Europe, for a period of not less than 5 years.

Housekeeping issues, such as criminal background checks (where possible) will not preclude compulsory service; only provide a basis for specialist placement determination. My plan would also ensure that all migrants be entitled to the normal payment at whatever level that is for the Member States’ military branch and upon the favourable conclusion of a term of 5 years’ service, the migrant would be granted citizenship by the Member State.

It would make sense for the Member States to work together on my plan with regions (i.e. theatres) of between 1 million to 10 million soldiers; multiple army groups, training and working together; but this is not a deal-breaker.

Special groups of militarily trained soldiers should be deployed by a coalition of the Member States to various areas around the globe to provide assistance to local communities, aid in peacekeeping or stem conflict where needed. A small contingent could be held back within Europe to protect the cohesion threatened by the migrants’ otherwise presence in the Community.


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Islam Is A Dangerous Ideology… Not A Religion

Islam Will Dominate The World

Islam Will Dominate The World

Although Islam has many of the essential elements of what most people would identify as a ‘religion’, it has more in common with totalitarian ideologies such as fascism or communism and should be called out for what it is…

The sheer numbers of followers should not determine a religion’s credibility or legality.

Today (23 May 2017), around the world millions of people woke up to the shocking news, out of Manchester England, that 22 young people have been slaughtered with another 59-people injured during an attack at an Ariana Grande concert last night.

How many more senseless deaths must occur before we, as a society, re-evaluate our mutual acceptance or even tolerance of Islam? Or are we willing to commiserate after the fact and ignore the problem?

Islam and freedom are in fact mutually exclusive. In nearly every country where Islam is dominant you see a total lack of freedom; of civil society, of rule of law, of freedom of religion, for women, for journalists or even somebody who wants to leave Islam.

Where Islam has rooted itself into Western society, its followers seek to impose Sharia Law, forcing the host culture to change and to accommodate what is really quite a violent and oppressive ideology.

The time has come for our leaders to revoke tax incentives, local exemptions and licenses or permits for mosques and Islamic educational institutions. The next step would be for residents to be permitted to hold referendums that seek to force the closure of Islamic centres in their neighbourhoods.

We are still free to decide to prevent the continued encroachment and destructive behaviour of Islam. Our window of opportunity for action, however, is not opened-ended.


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I Don’t Hate Arabs…

Dry Bones - Jewish State

Dry Bones – Jewish State

In the words of Rabbi Meir Kahane, “I don’t hate Arabs. I love Jews. And I wish the Arabs well, elsewhere.”

I feel as though Israelis collectively suffer from the ‘national amnesia’, Kahane warned us about many years ago. Some of us appear to have forgotten why this glorious State was founded. For far too long, these same people have listened to the Liberals among us and those other voices that are often loudest from outside our great country and they seem to have chosen a path of least resistance, one of pacification, one of acceptance bordering on resignation, which from any perspective has cost each of us dearly both in lives lost and some would say, our self-esteem as Jews.

Need I remind these same people that we are literally surrounded on three sides by a self-declared enemy of our people, who has sworn to destroy us?

The examples of terror against our people grows each day, but when children can be murdered in their beds at night and when lovers, couples, business men and women, each a member of our family can be executed while they enjoy a meal and while those on the Left offer apologies for the terrorists, attempting to justify these despicable actions on the basis of alleged personal hardship, I feel that we’ve lost our way, somehow.

I feel that a re-boot is needed.

I believe that we should step back and re-evaluate our integration policies as a nation.

We should remind ourselves that Israel is a Jewish state – the only safe harbor for Jews anywhere in the world – a home where each of us can return and flourish with our friends and family.

But one thing is for certain, continuing down the current political path will see Jews outnumbered by those who wish to harm us sooner rather than later. Granting non-Jews the right to vote, while progressive on paper is suicide in practice and akin to two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

Kahane’s methods were dramatic. He delighted in tapping the rage of poor Israelis-especially Jews from Middle Eastern backgrounds-against Arabs, but that’s no longer an effective plan.

Today we see anti-Semitic attacks on the rise. It isn’t only the poor that will understand that while Kahane’s methods were too radical then, something must be done now. Together we must encourage our leaders to rethink the current policies. In one voice we must demand the promise of a safe Jewish state.

Let the conversation begin here.