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International Partnership For Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV) Fifth Plenary Meeting

The International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification

The International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification

The International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV) held its fifth plenary meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina from November 29, 2017 to December 1, 2017. The meeting was hosted by Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship. Twenty-two states, both with and without nuclear weapons, participated in the meeting and discussed the completion of Phase I of the Partnership’s work, as well as launched Phase II.

The Partnership will make public a Phase I Summary Report, a Walkthrough Exercise Summary, and over 35 written products developed over the last two years. The Phase I Summary Report highlights the Partnership’s key judgement that “while tough challenges remain, potentially applicable technologies, information barriers, and inspection procedures provide a path forward that should make possible multilaterally monitored nuclear warhead dismantlement while successfully managing safety, security, non-proliferation, and classification concerns in a future nuclear disarmament agreement.”

These reports and written products will be housed on the Partnership’s new website (www.ipndv.org), which is hosted by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI). This new website will serve as a focal point for those interested in nuclear disarmament verification to keep up with the progress of the IPNDV. In addition to these products, the website will host an infographic depicting a notional nuclear weapon dismantlement process and potential procedures and technologies to effectively monitor the process.

At the conclusion of the fifth plenary, the Partnership agreed to launch Phase II, which will focus on: broadening and deepening the work of the Partnership on specific elements of verification; developing potential approaches to effective monitoring and verification; and demonstrating its work through exercises and technical demonstrations. Three working groups have been established to focus on how to verify nuclear weapons declarations, how to verify reductions of nuclear weapons, and verification technologies. The Phase II Program of Work will be available on the IPNDV website.

For further information, please contact the Arms Control, Verification & Compliance Press Team at AVC-Press-DL@state.gov. Visit the IPNDV’s new website at www.ipndv.org for more information on the Partnership.

Avoiding Nuclear War Is Our First Priority

Op-Ed Contributor

Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts

Michel Chossudovsky, a distinguished professor in Canada, directs the Centre for Research on Globalization and the website Global Research, a font of important information unavailable from the presstitute Western media. In this article he tells us that if we do not focus on peace instead of war, we are all going to die: https://www.globalresearch.ca/what-you-need-to-know-about-north-korea-and-the-dangers-of-nuclear-war/5615328

Professor Chossudovsky makes an important point, made to me some years ago by my colleague Zbigniew Brzezinski and recently by former Secretary of Defense William Perry (see: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/12/05/walking-into-armageddon). Professor Chossudovsky reminds us to “bear in mind that mistakes are often what determine the course of world history.” A US attack on North Korea would be a mistake that could precipate a nuclear war.

There is no doubt that Chossudovsky is correct.

Additionally, the continued demonization of Russia, China, and Iran could precipate a nuclear war. In other words, we are surrounded by very real threats created by Washington that receive no attention from Western governments and the presstitute media. As I wrote on December 5, we are “walking into Armageddon.” https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/12/05/walking-into-armageddon

Professor Chossudovsky has amassed a huge amount of information that makes clear the vast difference between the level-headed era of JFK/Khrushchev and the insanity of the post-Reagan era of the re-start of hostilities for the sake of the power and profit of the US military/security complex and the neoconservatives’ ideology of US world hegemony.

I am unsure that the peoples of the Western world can without violence against their governments do anythng to prevent nuclear war, because the Western politicians are in the pay of the military/security complex and the financial and corporate interest groups that benefit from US hegemony. American hegemony produces profits, and for the sake of these profits Western leaders will risk the fate of the world.

As I have emphasized repeatedly, Americans as a result of their insouciance and patriotism live in a world in which the explanations they are given by government and the presstitutes are used to control what they think and believe. In this way, government and the interest groups that control government make their agendas independent of any control by the citizens. In the United States, and probably throughout the Western world, democracy simply does not exist. George Orwell predicted that this would be the case by 1984, but it took the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes to achieve it. Today in 2017 Big Brother does indeed rule the Western World.

Trump’s election was like Reagan’s. He appealed to the people instead of to the ruling interest groups. As a high official in Reagan’s government who was aligned with Reagan’s goals to end stagflation and the Cold War, I experienced first hand the cost of going against the powerful interest groups that are accustomed to ruling. We took part of their rule away from them, but now they have taken it back. And they are now stronger than before. Essentially, Trump is powerless and is limited to expressing his frustrations on Twitter.

In my opinion, the lesson being dealt to Trump will teach any future presidential candidate not to challenge the ruling oligarchy by appealing to the American people.

This means that democracy in America is stone dead. I sometimes wonder if democracy can be revived without violent revolution, and of course revolutions can go wrong.

Are Americans capable of violent revolution? If they are not, will the greedy elites remain in control until they stumble into a nuclear war?

General Lemnitzer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told President John F. Kennedy that the US could win a nuclear war with the Soviet Union if only JFK would give the go-ahead. General Lemnitzer also presented President Kennedy with the “Northwoods” plan that called for the US military to conduct false flag attacks on US citizens that could be blamed on Castro and serve as an excuse for a US invasion of Cuba. President Kennedy responded by removing Lemnitzer as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

A number of researchers have concluded that Lemnitzer’s removal convinced the military/security complex that Kennedy was soft on communism and a threat to American national security.

The Obama regime recreated the Russian scare. In his election campaign Trump revealed that he was out of step with the recreation of the Russian threat, for which he has been punished with “Russiagate.” Can a president concerned that he might be removed from office by a special prosecutor or possibly assassinated, resist the march toward war?

Trump is surrounded by a Secret Service that believes that protecting the President is protecting the United States. However, if the Secret Service is convinced by the Special Prosecutor, Congress, the military/security complex, and the presstitutes that Trump is in league with the Russians in a Russiagate conspiracy against the United States, the Secret Service could fail to protect Trump, just as they failed to protect President John F. Kennedy.

You can rescue yourself from the false report that Oswald assassinated President Kennedy by watching online the Secret Service agents, who protected President Kennedy in his open car from gunfire, being called away from the car so that the assassins could have a clear shot at Kennedy. You can see that the bullet hits Kennedy in the right front temple and blows off the back of his head. You can see his wife, Jackie, climb onto the trunk of the car to retrieve the back of the president’s head. So much for the fake story that Oswald shot JFK from behind. All evidence disproves the Oswald story. No evidence whatsoever supports it. This is the conclusion of many years of research by many authors.

Many researchers have concluded that the Warren Commission knew that JFK was assassinated by elements of the military/security complex, but that the commission knew that it could not tell the American people in the wake of the Cuban missile crisis that the US government had just murdered the US president. At a difficult time in the Cold War, Americans would loose confidence in their own military and security services. I can understand a decision to cover up what happened.

Nevertheless, those responsible should have been forced to resign on the grounds that they failed to protect the President of the United States, and under cover of preventing another such failure in the future, the black ops section of the CIA should have been closed down, as President Kennedy intended to do. The failure by the Johnson administration to remedy the situation has left the power in the hands of the security agencies to act against the president, as we are witnessing with the attack on Trump by CIA director John Brennan, and FBI directors Comey and Mueller.

Trump is portrayed by the presstitutes as an idiot. But he is not an idiot. Idiots don’t wind up being billionaires or married to the most beautiful woman on earth. Idiots don’t have the confidence to take on the interest groups that control the two political parties and win a presidential election.

Trump is anything but dumb, but he understands now that he is not really the president of the United States.

The United States is ruled by the militry/security complex, by the Federal Reserve in the interests of the big banks and Wall Street, by the extractive industries as evidenced by Trump handing over to them two national monuments in Utah to be ravaged, raped, and ruined for their profit, and by the Israel Lobby, which has kept Washington at war in the Middle East for 16 years. The Amerian people have no input into decisons. Americans are powerless and helpless, like Jews and everyone else in the Nazi camps and like the Palistinians in the Gaza ghetto. They have no voice and are irrelevant to the decisions made in Washington.

Once you understand this, you can understand why Trump would move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The Israel Lobby is one of the most powerful interest groups in Washington. Trump, under attack from so many quarters can do no better than to have the Israel Lobby and Mossad on his side.

Who else can Trump turn to? The people in flyover America who elected him are powerless. The Isreal Lobby isn’t.

Just look at the results of Trump’s announcement that the US embassy will be located in Jerusalem. The neoconservatives who were determined to get rid of Trump because he voiced peace with Russia and the Muslims instead of US hegemony, now praise him. Even John Podhoretz, a leader of death-to-Trump, is euphoric that Trump flaunted the UN and international law and declared, in effect, Jerusalem to be Israel’s. National Review, formerly a conservative magazine for which I was once a contributing editor, but now a vassal of the Israel Lobby, described Trump’s action as “a blow against international anti-Semitism.”

If you were alone in Washington’s hot seat under constant attack by the pressitute media and the military/security complex and under investigation by a Special Prosecutor appointed for the explicit purpose of indicting you and removing you from office, and you could turn to a powerful interest group before which all tremble, would you not seek the protection of the Israel Lobby and Mossad? Some fool you would be not to do so. As the CIA has known for decades, the agency is penetrated by Mossad. Trump can know in advance if the CIA is going to assassinate him.

So, dear readers, you have asked me why Trump has opened the way for Israel’s complete takeover of Palestine. Perhaps the answer is that Trump is hoping that the powerful Israel Lobby will protect him from Mueller and the military/security complex, who are out to get him.

Perhaps it is a hopeful development that Trump has taken refuge in the Israel Lobby’s protection. Mossad, of course, is more capable than the CIA. If the Israel Lobby will protect Trump, perhaps Trump can survive the assault on him by the military/security complex and actually restore trust between the two major nuclear powers. What does Israel have to lose by preserving life on earth? Israel has already gained, in the face of international law, UN resolutions, and a compliant America and Europe, all of Palestine. Israel has achieved what the American Empire achieved against the native Americans. And now Trump gives Israel the last prize–Jerusalem. Why should not the Israel Lobby protect Trump?

Americans can bitch about the Jews all they want (until it becomes illegal), but what is there to bitch about if the Israel Lobby can save the only politician in the Western world who wants to normalize relations and reduce the high level of tensions with Russia?

If the Israel Lobby will save us and the planet from nuclear destruction, more power to them. It is unfortunate for the long-suffering Palestinians that they are the sacrificial lamb, but is the fault Trump’s or the fault of the military/security complex, the DNC, and the presstitute media for putting Trump in a desperate situation?

Further reading:

“JFK vs. the Military,” https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/08/jfk-vs-the-military/309496

“Nuclear Winter and Global Starvation,” http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48375.htm

Trump Administration INF Treaty Integrated Strategy

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State

Today, we commemorate the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty between the United States and what was then the Soviet Union. This landmark arms control agreement has been a pillar of international security and stability since its inception. By eliminating an entire class of the most destabilizing weapon systems, the INF Treaty served as a key component to building and reinforcing strategic stability in the later days of the Cold War. It played a key role in securing the Euro-Atlantic region and set in motion the negotiations for a series of agreements to stabilize the post-Cold War relationship between the United States and our allies and the former Soviet Union.

Unfortunately, this pivotal agreement is under threat today. The Russian Federation has taken steps to develop, test, and deploy a ground-launched cruise missile system that can fly to ranges prohibited by the INF Treaty. In 2014, the United States declared the Russian Federation in violation of its obligations under the INF Treaty. Despite repeated U.S. efforts to engage the Russian Federation on this issue, Russian officials have so far refused to discuss the violation in any meaningful way or refute the information provided by the United States.

The United States remains firmly committed to the INF Treaty and continues to seek the Russian Federation’s return to compliance. The Administration firmly believes, however, that the United States cannot stand still while the Russian Federation continues to develop military systems in violation of the Treaty. While the United States will continue to pursue a diplomatic solution, we are now pursuing economic and military measures intended to induce the Russian Federation to return to compliance. This includes a review of military concepts and options, including options for conventional, ground-launched, intermediate-range missile systems, which would enable the United States to defend ourselves and our allies, should the Russian Federation not return to compliance. This step will not violate our INF Treaty obligations. We are also prepared to cease such research and development activities if the Russian Federation returns to full and verifiable compliance with its INF Treaty obligations.

The United States does and will continue to abide by its INF Treaty obligations. We call on the Russian Federation to take concrete steps to return to compliance, preserve the INF Treaty, and restore confidence in the role of arms control to manage strategic stability.

Free At Last As Jammed Fuel Is Lifted Out

Work is now under way to overcome a 20-year conundrum that has hampered decommissioning of the Dounreay Fast Reactor in Scotland

The iconic Dounreay Fast Reactor

The iconic Dounreay Fast Reactor

When the dome-shaped experimental reactor closed in 1977, most of the core fuel was removed.

But follow-up work came to a halt when some of the metallic casings in the zone surrounding the core were found to be swollen and jammed. Almost 1,000 – around two-thirds of the total – were left in place.

Made of stainless steel, the casings, known as breeder elements, contained natural uranium and were designed to produce more fuel for use in other reactors.

Now, after many years of work to design and test remotely operated equipment, a decommissioning team has started to recover the elements.

Decommissioning the 50-year-old reactor is one of the most technically challenging projects in the NDA estate and removing the breeder elements has been a top priority.

The removal work is expected to take less than 3 years, after which dismantling of the landmark reactor can begin.

David Peattie, NDA Chief Executive, said:

Dealing with this material is one of the highest priorities anywhere for the NDA, not just at Dounreay but across our UK sites. The safe and timely retrieval of the breeder material is crucial to both the site’s closure programme and the national defueling programme.

I am very pleased with this achievement which is a great example of how the Dounreay team and the NDA can work together to deliver results of


national importance.

During a visit to the reactor, Jamie Stone, MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, said:

Actually watching on screen the removal of an element from the reactor core was fascinating. Seeing the intricate techniques and skills, and the special locally designed equipment being used was absolutely inspirational.

In an age when sometimes you begin to wonder where British technology is going, it is hugely encouraging to see what is being done at Dounreay. I take my hat off to the workforce.

When the damaged elements were discovered, decommissioning effectively stopped for 20 years, until the decision was taken in 2000 to close down Dounreay and the creation of the NDA a few years later gave fresh momentum to the task.

The elements were immersed in some 57 tonnes of highly reactive liquid metal which had to be removed and destroyed before remotely operated cameras could inspect the condition of the material. This difficult, hazardous programme took more than 10 years.

Now, following extensive research and development trials inside the plant and at a test rig on the outskirts of Thurso, work has started to remove the remaining breeder material.

Dounreay Fast Reactor

After removal, the elements are being transferred to a purpose-built facility, where they are being cut open to remove the uranium fuel, cleansed of any traces of liquid metal and packaged in containers for dispatch to Sellafield. About 40 tonnes of breeder recovered previously has already been sent there.

When all the breeder material has been removed, work can begin on taking the reactor apart.

Main support contractor: JGC Engineering & Technical Services Ltd

About the Dounreay Fast Reactor (DFR)
  • the DFR was built during the 1950s at a time when there was a world-wide shortage of uranium for electricity generation
  • It became the world’s first fast reactor to provide electricity to a national grid, providing enough power for a small town like Thurso (population approx 9,000)
  • DFR’s reactor core was surrounded by a blanket of natural uranium elements that, when exposed to the effects of the radiation, would ‘breed’ to create a new fuel, plutonium
  • UK experimentation with fast breeders came to an end in the 1980s
  • decommissioning DFR is one of the most significant challenges in the UK today. It was one of only two fast reactors ever built in the UK, both at Dounreay.
  • when the breeder material is all removed, the reactor and its circuits will be dismantled, followed by final decontamination of the structures
  • the dome and associated structures will be demolished
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL)

DSRL, a company owned by Cavendish Dounreay Partnership, is responsible for decommissioning the UK’s former centre of fast reactor research on behalf of the NDA.

MEPs Quiz Commission On Belarus Nuclear Power Plant Safety



Most MEPs raised concerns about its safety and compliance with international standards.

MEPs asked the Commission whether the Ostrovets plant complied with EU nuclear safety rules and urged it to use all available instruments to ensure that the plant undergoes proper safety stress tests.

The issue of safety of nuclear plants throughout Europe was highlighted. Many MEPs pointed to facilities in and around Europe operating beyond their planned lifespans. MEPs expressed broad concerns about the safety of the plant which is being built close to the Lithuanian capital.

Many MEPs highlighted the cross-border nature of the issue with references to the Chernobyl disaster – and the difficulty of verifying reports of the risks around it.

MEPs also pointed out that nuclear fallout cannot be contained within a country’s borders. Some suggested that … continue reading