Want To Trade Forex?

uforexpro_logouFOREX.PRO is a Unit of WireNews Limited.

Open your account today with as little as £50 with no upper limit. All Forex trades are executed by our uFOREX.PRO traders. You will receive a share of the monthly profits of our Fund based upon the number of shares in which you are fully vested. uFOREX.PRO offers equal Shares in our general Forex trading account to individual investors and once fully vested every shareholder receives an equal share of the profit generated from the previous months’ trading.

  • Each Share costs £50 (Minimum: 1 Share)
  • Shares are fully vested on the first trading day of the month after receipt of payment
  • Profits are distributed to shareholders on the 15th of month following the trading period (or the following business day) and all payments are made by bank transfer to a UK bank account or by PayPal if outside the UK
  • Investments can be recalled at anytime within 7 days’ notice by email and settlement will be made by bank transfer to a UK bank account or by PayPal if outside the UK

With uFOREX.PRO you get a 100% guarantee that you cannot and will not lose your money. If you buy a Share for £50 you can withdraw that money anytime you wish (with 7 days’ notice). So how do we do that?

Simply stated, we don’t lose money. But even if we did, we absorbe any short-term loss instead of passing that onto our Shareholders. In more than 10-years’ Forex trading we have never lost any money. Period.

We regularly exceed 85% per month return on Shareholder’s funds and often we exceed 200% per month. Our Margin Balance does not drop below 75% ever and so the Fund is safe. We capitalise on market swings and our traders execute hundreds of trades every day to achieve maximum profits, while keeping Shareholder funds safe (*) and secure.

Open an account today!

(*) uFOREX.PRO absorbes any and all losses